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How Massage Works

Massage is a natural therapy that works on the ancient 'cumulative principle'. This healing principle has almost been forgotten in our modern age of 'quick fix' and instant gratification.

Yet Massage was being used thousands of years ago – in a time when there was a greater understanding of the natural rhythms of the world, the psyche and the human body.

This book by best selling Massage author Gerry Pyves, demonstrates the power and effectiveness of Massage.


Massage in the Workplace

This is a 6-page special report written by Gerry Pyves about the benefits of Massage in the workplace.

If you are a company director or HR manager, here is some of the most important research explaining how Massage can increase performance and reduce stress in your workplace, written in easy to read language that busy managers will appreciate.

If you already know the benefits of Massage from your own experience, and would like to convince your boss to offer Massage in your workplace, here is a 7-page booklet that you can print and give to your office manager, MD, personnel officer or fund-holders. It is ideal to give interested employers who know very little of Massage and have very little time.


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