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Alex H testimonial
"Like most people I lead a hectic lifestyle and as a Chartered Physiotherapist and Company Director, I understand what effect a calming attitude and skilful hands can make - Reinu has this rare skill.  She not only releaves all my muscular tension and thus re-energises my body, but psychologically I feel very calm and notice an improvement in my concentration."
Alex Hall
Aileen R testimonial
Absolute bliss.  Reinu's massage is wonderful, almost meditative and makes me feel at one with nature."
Aileen Ross
Anne B testimonial "A truly amazing massage - it realigns my spine, improves posture and banishes all soreness, aches and pains.  Joints are fully stretched so adding to an amazing feeling of well-being.  I strongly recommend this massage to anyone suffering from discomfort of the spine."
Anne Bravin


You may also want to know that:

Many years ago and in a different lifetime, I was a frazzled Financial Director in the City.  A radical career shift, before hitting the BIG 40, ‘brought me home’ to the wonders of the human body as a holistic therapist.

I have since qualified in many different therapies, established  Reinu’s Retreat  as the perfect setting  to share these skills with the wise and, as a teacher, I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing many former Anatomy & Physiology students graduate.  

I first came to No Hands Massage out of curiosity, almost irritation, what was this stuff that just kept popping up on my radar?  Then I attended my first seminar and understanding dawned; without even knowing it, all my efforts had been steadily advancing me to this gateway.  Now I can fully harness and integrate all my skills to deliver treatments at an entirely new level – and I love it!

Reinu with Gerry
Reinu with Gerry Pyves, the founder of the NO HANDS Massage Company